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The Whisky of the Voyous Gentlemen

LOYAL BANDIT is the very expression of French Flair. It is this French creative know-how that makes this Single Malt a hymn to French impertinence.


This is the true story of a Voyou Gentleman who became the creator of a top-of-the-range French whisky with an inimitable taste. A former French rugby player, Clément PRAUD has broken with the established codes of his sport to create an unprecedented adventure. Accompanied by his Master Distiller, his ambition is to create a high quality Single Malt Whisky with an accessible taste.

The adventure began in the Charente, an emblematic region renowned for its unrivalled expertise in the production of refined, flavoursome spirits. It is here, under the guidance of his Master Distiller, that Clément makes a rich and complex French grain whisky, offering a unique and contrasting palette of aromas. Join us for a unique taste journey around whisky made in France.

Clin d’Oeil

The name is a nod to rugby, the thuggish sport played by gentlemen. It plays on a way of life. To consume “Bandit Loyal” is to adopt codes of honour, to be driven by the same philosophy, to join a passionate and committed community.



Believing in yourself, improvising, surpassing yourself, reinventing yourself, taking unusual initiatives… This is what shapes our style, our “French flair”. Our fighting spirit, combined with our love of beauty and good taste, drives us to make the best French whisky according to our own criteria.


Our whiskies are designed to bring people together. They connect us to each other without differentiation. Friendship and conviviality are at the heart of our convictions. Ethics, respect, integrity, solidarity and responsibility are the values that drive us every day.


Produced in the Charente region of France, our single malt whiskies benefit from exceptional expertise in the production of noble, elegant and refined spirits. Faithful to the traditions of Cognac and ambassadors of French excellence, we distil and refine our whiskies with patience, rigour and sobriety.

Tasting notes

The nose is fine and structured, with notes of cereals, sweet spices,
vanilla and wood.

The attack on the palate is clean and straightforward, with fruity aromas, woody and light tobacco notes and a velvety finish that gives it a lovely harmony.

Clément Praud

“A former professional rugby player who played in La Rochelle, Nevers and Cognac/Saint-Jean-d’Angély, I decided at the age of 35 to embark on a completely new adventure. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and passionate about the world of spirits, particularly whiskies, in 2020 I set up my own company, DRAUP SPIRITS, with the aim of designing and distributing French spirits in my own image.

My credo is French Flair!
With unique creations such as Ben Cocky and Lim Vodka, I’m committed to preserving the values that forged me. I create spirits that bring people together and cultivate conviviality. Respectful and disciplined, I have surrounded myself with the best experts in Charente to develop recipes of exceptional quality.

DRAUP SPIRITS embodies authentic French craftsmanship, combining commitment, quality and innovation. Discover unique spirits and immerse yourself in my heritage, combining the spirit of rugby with a passion for spirits”.

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